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"Utility bills are indecipherable and cost customers billions of dollars a year"

-Ralph Nadar

TRI specializes in solutions to reduce your business’ water costs. TRI will:

  • Audit your company’s water bills for refunds as a result of billing errors and discrepancies.

  • Reduce water costs that may result from leakage consumption.

  • Verify current meter usage.

  • Find overlapping bills and eliminate bills for meters that no longer exist.

  • Place your company or buildings in eligible water cost savings programs.

  • Evaluate meter billing vs. conservation flat rate program vs. frontage rates.

  • Determine if sub-metering with automatic meter-reading technology (AMR) should be used to consistently monitor your water/sewer meters and submeters. It prevents billing overages, and provides actual reads for each individual commercial and residential building’s water usage and tenant cost of consumption.