TRI Utility Cost Reduction is a leader in the field of utility bill auditing. Led by the founder and CEO Lilli Steinberg, our team of auditors have the knowledge and experience necessary to recover significant refunds from your utility providers. Throughout the years, our clients have included some of the nations largest corporations: Chanel, Philip Morris, Niagara Mohawk, US Air, and the FDIC to name a few. TRI has over 35 years of Telecom and Utility auditing experience.  We have an 87% success rate in recovering refunds. 

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Lilli Steinberg
Chief Executive Officer

Lilli Steinberg is the owner and president of TRI Utility Cost Reductions, Inc. (TRI), a utility auditing firm that recovered millions in refunds for companies in the areas of telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, and sewage. Lilli’s 25 plus years of success has been documented on such shows as: Financial News Network (FNN), Cable News Network (CNN), The Attitudes Show, Cable National Broadcasting Company (CNBC), and Channel 2 News. She has also been featured in such publications as People Magazine, USA Today, Crains, Entrepreneurial Woman, and Success Magazine, to name a few. She is also the subject of a book, “How to Cash In On the Phone Companies Biggest Mistake Ever,” by Irving Segal.

Lilli earned an Undergraduate Degree from Ohio State, and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Hunter College. In addition, Lilli served as the chairman of the board of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce of New York, and continues to be a board member.  While working in the telecom industry, Lilli realized that once the telephone systems went in, the clients’ bills were not being reduced of excess charges. The discovery of the telephone company’s complicated billing procedures, and their overcharging of clients, sparked the idea for TRI. Lilli’s mathematical background, and understanding of the telephone company’s tariffs, allowed her to effect unprecedented refunds and reductions. 

Lilli is credited with creating the utility auditing industry, giving it credibility and pizzazz. 

TRI continues to be a leader in the telecommunications and Utility Refunds and Cost-Reductions. Therefore, profit by our experience!

Rose Levy
President of Business Development

Rose Levy is the president of business development at TRI Utility Cost Reductions, Inc. (TRI). Prior to joining TRI, Rose was President of Investicorp International, Inc., a highly sophisticated investigative company. Her twenty years of international experience adds a measure of knowledge and business savvy to TRI. 

With her extensive background in the investigative industry, Rose realized the need to further investigate tariffs and loopholes in the utilities industry. Her skill in interpreting tariffs, as they vary from state to state, has added another dimension to TRI’s ability to serve its clients. In addition, Rose is multi-lingual, speaking 5 languages, allowing TRI access to global communication markets that do business with the United States.

During her twenty-year span in this industry, Rose has represented clients such as Macy’s, JobLots, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, and Loehmann’s.

Ken Leonard
Chief Financial Officer

With a bachelor of science in business management, marketing, and finance from the University of Massachusetts, Ken Leonard had been a leader in the financial field. For four years he worked at Shorewood Packaging and leverage spend on all commodities and services. At international paper, Ken placed a lead role in establishing global sourcing offices in Asia, Brazil, and Europe. Ken continues his career as CFO at TRI Utility Cost Reductions where he delivers significant commodity and service cost savings to clients. By utilizing his financial background, he takes an analytical perspective on our audits, which ensures the greatest refund for our clients. Spend Management practitioner delivering significant cost savings of commodities and services to clients utilizing a performance based value proposition. NO Cost savings, NO FEE.

Lee Simonson
Chief Marketing Officer

Lee Simonson
Chief Marketing Officer

Offering companies “nothing to lose” by having TRI audit old bills on a contingency basis, Lee was able to secure several Fortune 500 accounts.  Lee got the customers and Lilli and her staff found the mistakes and recovered the refunds.  All in all, TRI clients enjoyed getting back millions of dollars in refunds because of past errors and overcharges — a truly “win-win” deal!  His enthusiasm and commitment to helping companies and institutions find untapped money and cutting expenses continues and he is just as excited about the opportunity today as he was over 28 years ago.

His broad experience in business and government has included leadership roles.  He was re-elected to 16 terms on the Niagara County Legislature, serving a total of 32 years, including several terms as Chairman of the Legislature.  His volunteer community service has focused on historical causes, and he has been recognized nationally as the recipient of the Spirit of 1812 Award by the National Society of the U.S. Daughters of 1812, presented in Washington, DC. in 2014.  He has served on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations and is a strong voice for historical preservation projects.

Lee says, “I love handing clients big checks.  What’s better than that?”